Seven Days with GNOME - day 6

2020/07/15 10:57 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

not even GNOME is safe from the tearing problem.

VSync issue after a while

really? all of a sudden VSync goes off and the compositor starts tearing?
I thought this was a KDE-only thing? (that you can fix with a setting and/or my version of the compositor)

what a bad image of GNOME....

GNOME Calendar

curiously... does the GNOME calendar have the same issue as the notifications calendar? (leading zeros)


...nope. how come it doesn't? another example of severe inconsistency...
like have one or the other, but not both styles?!

who uses 01-09 anyway? drop it and just change it back to 1-9! (in the notifications calendar)

wait why is there a weather report? I didn't ask you for that?
ok did you just violate privacy laws by fetching my location without my consent?! let's see Weather...


are you f**king serious :l


how in the freaking hell do you know my (coarse) location even though I told you NO?!
this is a clear problem! like I never told you to do that... like for real I said "don't look at my location"!

why in the world would you-

about screen

about GNOME

why is the GNOME logo black?! I mean this is a dark theme... shouldn't the logo be white? D:
it's so hard to see...

couldn't they detect it? like I mean I think the theme specifies it is a dark theme...

overall, I don't even know what else to say... I don't expect anything better from this and honestly I don't tihnk I can take this anymore D:
like come on couldn't this desktop be fixed? I mean somebody's trying, but on the performance side...
otherwise, the desktop is still as ugly as always, unless you modify it yourself...

and like they don't want you to customize it at all! they hide the options everywhere... if not in the settings, then in Tweaks, and if not in Tweaks, then in dconf!
is this Windows in where some settings are registry-only?!

one more day... one more day.....