Seven Days with GNOME - day 5

2020/07/14 10:58 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

come on...

Tracker slowdown

honestly, indexing services are terribly slow and often useless, or at least so for me.
I have not tried disabling them yet due to lack of time, but look. they literally eat my disk and slow it down.

but seriously, what is up with the name? "Tracker"?!
that sounds like some piece of trash spyware! I kinda feel that when I use GNOME, my data's being sent to Red Hat under the hood...

yeah, what's up with the "miner" name? data mining? huh?!

launcher icon mess

if you scroll the launcher application list too fast, it will mess up and feel like a tsunami is coming.
it's really annoying... it feels like you are at the end but then there's more coming...


ARE YOU F**KIN' KIDDING ME?! why in the world did you mount my device WITHOUT MY CONSENT to a random path!!!!
I know where I mount this drive at.. so why mount it in where the hell you think is the right place?!

sorry for this super short post but I am into pressure...
I got to type more in the next one...