Seven Days with GNOME - day 4

2020/07/13 11:03 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

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non-CSD thinner title bars

let's take away some space from the title bars.

small title bar

this is possible in KDE out of the box! why do you have to edit the theme to do this!! really?!
do you make things this cryptic to make it almost impossible to customize the desktop with ease? and why?!

like I really don't want those huge buttons... it's a waste of space...

GNOME Terminal Disease

you know what is more crap? if you turn the monitor off and then back on, the freaking thing loses its mind and changes the size for no reason.

this does NOT happen on Konsole, so what the heck.
now, please give me a good reason why do you have to read the screen size.

this is SO annoying that right now i'm burning out. what else can I tell you.


of course, this is in tweaks again, because they think changing the theme isn't a good idea.

hmm, wait.

Make sure you have the "User Themes" extension turned on. have to enable an extension to use themes?! WHY ISN'T THIS DEFAULT!!!
is it that evil to do GNOME theming?! :<

GNOME Tweaks

...anyway, at least the Arch installation comes with the stock extension set...


clone the theme... and copy it...


select the theme...

select theme
select theme

it works.
after a thousand steps, of course.

under KDE there's even a theme place. get new stuff.

Chromium maximized by default, more to it

yeah... this is a big problem. I don't want it maximized.

the sad thing is that apparently everyone else wants the opposite... after a quick search.
ugh why? I hate having to restore the browser all the time...

2x2 workspaces?...

well... in KDE you can create a 2x2 grid of workspaces.
in GNOME, they're all vertically placed (1x4)... or if you use the Horizontal workspaces extension, you can have them 4x1.



...thankfully, there's... an extension for that.
yep, this means having to restart the whole thing-


UGH WINE WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU SET Notepad to handle text files!!
who wants to use a Windows utility for opening freaking text files?!

nobody wants that! so why! :l


oh please Dolphin!

restart shell

oh so Alt-F2 works now? really?
the last time I tried, it opened KRunner...

nice. at least I can restart in place...

done works. now it feels more KDE-ish.

the blur

as stated in the Myopia theme readme:

The blur doesn't work, it uses transparency only.

what the author does is just use a blurred background, and pretend that's blur.
however, there's no blur, and this will become noticeable when you overlay multiple windows.

I remember that a user got blur working with a different compositor, but I don't want to use that... since GNOME Shell is the compositor at the same time... and of course why would I drop that?

let's try with an extension.




...nope, doesn't work.

anyway... I don't have more time... I didn't have enough time today...
I will type some more things in the next post tomorrow....