Seven Days with GNOME - day 3

2020/07/12 10:57 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

more to it! more to it!

GNOME Terminal

you know what's crap? when you maximize or full-screen the terminal up.
then it forgets its original size and of course, I have to fix it myself.

even Konsole remembers its size well. who in the world programmed such a thing! do YOU really think that's the terminal size?
remember the window size you silly not the size of the content areaaaaaaaaaaa!


yeah, let's finally try to fix it.

thankfully GNOME is extendable, which at least adds some degree of customizability.
not out of the box, but at least it exists...

GNOME Extensions

yep, the page for extensions is up and working now. i don't know what was going on the first day that it did not work.

for me, a mandatory extension is Dash to Dock, because I had a dock in KDE and I should get one in GNOME too...
I don't feel like using Activities ALL the time... sometimes I go crazy and switch windows a lot... is that even customizable? I just don't want to have a huge dock...

some other people prefer Dash to Panel because it makes the desktop look more Windows-like... and of course, you know the rest of the story... wait.

To control GNOME Shell extensions using this site you must install GNOME Shell integration that consists of two parts: browser extension and native host messaging application.

really? I have to install something in order to one-click install extensions?!...
*sighs* no thanks, I'm just downloading the extension and hope at least two-click works.

GNOME Extensions

...ZIP... oh wait it doesn't install the extension D:
it just opens its contents...

you can say three-click then. gnome-tweaks.

GNOME Extensions

ugh. four-click.

let's look it up... *sighs* I have to do this manually? really?
like really? are you serious?

One Hundred Years Later

restart GNOME Shell...


...I can't restart in place?!

seriously guys, what do you do all day? slack off and talk about "yeah so Outreachy and that whitelist/blacklist is offensive"?!
is this why this desktop is a total humiliation?

and it's not like you can just tell that warning to go screw itself and restart the shell yourself... no, it doesn't work!
if you kill the thing, IT KILLS YOUR **WHOLE** SESSION!! losing all your work and forcing you to log in again just for a single extension!!
heck, I can install widgets on Plasma just fine, and if it crashes, I don't have to boot back to the login screen...

what a horrible piece of crap just to install ONE extension. do I have to do this the next time too?! you think it makes me happy?
I wish I could get out of here and go back to KDE already... but no, I just will keep ranting, in hope that you hear me and fix this whole mess...

dash to dock
dash to dock

if not for that, then it works. what else do you expect.
can I move it up?, you can't.
you can emulate that behavior though.

dash to dock

ugh wait again.

dash to dock

you can't open the applications menu anymore if I disable the button? even on the activities view?!

dash to dock

I hate living with nine dots in my corner.

can I assign a shortcut for centering a window?

...nope. not either.
I mean there is a KWin script to do this... but no extension for GNOME?! really?

minimize button


get it back. even macOS has it.
who wants to live without a minimize button?!

Alt-Tab nuisance

why do you have to switch between applications and not windows when using Alt-Tab?!
seriously, I mean, am I forced to use the mouse if I want to switch between multiple windows of one application?

no HiDPI for Qt applications

no HiDPI

yep. you can see.
it's broken to hell, and nothing can fix it.

how in the world do you NOT care about Qt apps! look at it!
HiDPI is completely broken because you're not setting the environment correctly :<

...hmmm... yeah, 144Hz, I can see your world domination plans... AKA cripple the rest and only support GTK...

how much more is GNOME gonna suck?

no default app icon!!!

are you kidding me? you have NO icon for apps that do not provide an icon?!

no icon

do you really assume all apps will come with an icon?! what about legacy apps and stuff like that?!
or when I develop one and i still have not assigned an icon?!

even KDE has a default icon for such apps... like wait did I say even KDE? I mean probably even TWM has that!!!
are you that lazy? really?
couldn't you at least draw an X or like a window icon? really?!

it's like that easy... and I am sure you already made the icon... but just due to being stubborn don't want to use it :l
what if I use like a ton of legacy/old applications? it would turn into a freaking guessing game :l
heck even macOS has an icon for such apps... you dumb heads

do I have to type more? seriously? why don't you wait until tomorrow and then I'll keep fixing this disaster?
this ends the post. i don't have to say more.