Seven Days with GNOME - day 2

2020/07/11 11:02 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

it feels odd to be on GNOME... like a sort of enclosed trap...

here I am going to sort this...


it is possible to have GDM scaled for HiDPI displays...
however, yeah. of course. you have to use the terminal and set it yourself.
this is no different from SDDM (which requires you to set your X server DPI).

afterwards, it seems to work well.


the save dialog

well, it's worse than expected.
not only the layout is horrible, but also, if you try to copy the filename, it hangs.

save hang

like really? did they even test this thing before release?
nope. and I guess not even in the enterprise distros, like Red Hat or SUSE.

duplicate keystrokes

another issue with GNOME is that sometimes in specific apps certain actions cause a duplicate keystroke.
yeah, I checked very well. it is not the keyboard but something else.

every time I want to do an action, say in a game, I end up typing it wrong, because of this freaking bug.
like how come?! this does not happen on KDE...
...again, lack of testing! and more proof GNOME really needs to disappear...

notification area

now look here.


why in the world does the calendar use leading zero for the day number? and why not for the top bar?!

is there any rationale? every single calendar i have seen in my life has the days 1-9 without a leading zero. even macOS' calendar does.

I guess you just want to be different from the rest, while making things worse!
ugh... can't i just set it like 1-9? WHO WANTS IT TO LOOK LIKE 01-09!!!!!

seriously, it feels like you GNOME devs are weirdos....

oh, and not only that, but here's another problem: if you accidentally move your cursor upwards and touch the top bar, the freaking thing hides. as if it were to think, "oh the user is gonna click in Notifications anyway". WHAT A JOKE!!!

Chromium maximized by default

another. freaking. annoyance.


yep. if you open Chromium, it will be maximized by default, regardless of whether you left it minimized last time.
what's the point?! it's not like i am just going to use Chromium and nothing else!

it is clear that GNOME was designed for tablets... or laptops... (with touchscreens)
it gets real bad on a normal desktop or laptop... like couldn't they think a bit to make the UI?

GNOME was a good desktop back in the GNOME 2 days, but heck, this version really ruined most things....

I am sorry for the short post today, but I had very little time...
the next post will be about extensions and a few more things, in my attempt to fixing this horrible desktop and making it at LEAST a bit more usable...

see you in the next part...