Seven Days with GNOME - day 1!

2020/07/10 11:00 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

the first day!

(NOTE: there are lots of pictures in this post. it will take a while to load until I work on the website again to improve the image display code)

...hmmm... so this is the login screen...
apparently it took a bit more to load than SDDM... is it that heavy?

oh and of course. it's not HiDPI by default.
i can't complain too much either, because it didn't work on SDDM at first... until I specified the... the DPI in the X server...

but at least it worked, like, why not GDM?

*leaves for one hour*

*computer is off*

wait what? how did my computer turn off?!
did the graphics card blow up or... what? D:
I left it on! it should not be off...

...hmm... *presses power button*
oh there it is- wait, the fan not working?

*login screen pops up*

oh so it suspended the whole time!
really? I never told you to suspend! isn't this a desktop anyway?
plus my graphics card was not guaranteed to work after suspend... so... what?

why do you have to suspend by default ON A DESKTOP!! I mean, yeah, it is a good thing for laptops, but I am surprised... like this is the first time in ages I see Linux suspend...
...and work well after suspend! but still, why suspend on a desktop :<

anyway, reboot and come back,
let's get into it....

GNOME desktop

oops! a bright flash on the screen? I thought I could use my script for it?...
that's not too "accessible"... did you think of epilepsy users?
what if they tinker around and end up being flashed to the ground when they hit the print screen button? :<

...yep, usability fail there. even Windows does better... I think it just dims it a bit...

and the winner is macOS and my script; both just play a subtle sound to let you know you took a screenshot...

oh plus there is like a 5 second delay... which only makes the problem worse...

whatever, here is the desktop.

GNOME desktop

wait. why is there Latte dock?...
isn't this GNOME?! or do you miss me?

GNOME desktop


Dock Settings... close... goodbye. now let's get into GNOME for real.

Activities... take scre-

GNOME desktop

ok this is getting annoying. how can I tell it to use MY screenshot tool instead of yours? I don't want your scheme....

GNOME settings

GNOME settings

...oh there we go! it is possible.... hmmm...

GNOME settings it doesn't work at all.
...or does it? is the sound even working?

custom screenshot

much better. the sound?


woah, look there, GNOME messing up with sound in the most dumb way ever :l
KDE never does that so what the heck!
do you really want to give me a heart attack with such tremendous volume settings?!


that should do. come on I didn't have to touch the sound settings for ages...

whatever, quit that KDE console already. it is GNOME.

custom keyboard shortcuts

oh nice you can set a custom command for a shortcut :O
ok, I was not expecting that feature... I thought GNOME was restricted?

custom keyboard shortcuts

that works :>

now the HiDPI settings

wait, where- ohhhh ok I see it


that looks so much better... finally... wait does this work on the login screen too?


...hmmm, nope :<
do I have to change something or what?

and why is there mouse acceleration? do I really want it like that?
what are you trying to be? macOS?

oh and the keyboard repeat rate too... come on I don't type that slow...
I want to just smash the dot button and let it go...

shortcut fail

fortunately, there is a setting for that.

wait my shortcut does not work anymore?!

oh it does, just they decided to change the sound volume again :< do I have to really do this every time I get in?

whatever, let's set the keyboard and mouse.

mouse and touchpad

...what? no way to set it with precision?
wait this doesn't work... really?
come on what is happening here? cannot change this if not using libinput? this must be a joke...

GNOME manages mouse acceleration by itself. A choice between "adaptive" and "flat" profiles can be chosen by installing dconf-editor and editing the value in org/gnome/desktop/peripherals/mouse/acceleration-profile. Alternatively, gnome-tweaks can also be used to edit the org/gnome/desktop/peripherals/mouse/acceleration-profile.

yep, of course. you can't change it without using, of course, the special menu that shouldn't be even used.
come on, tweaks? you can't change that from the main UI?!

why hide such a BASIC setting that should be present everywhere!
I don't want it to be like macOS so come on really?..., this is torture...
I need to get back to work already... can you have mercy?


here we go... or at least that's the best I could do.
now how can I set the mouse speed for real?


set the terminal. come on, this white scheme hurts my eyes.
let's copy the settings from Konsole...

select color, basic

why is it so hard to change a color? what's this all about?
where did the simple, flexible RGB thingy go? why this color palette and all?!

select color, advanced

oh and why is it so easy on GNOME Terminal?
what is this? torture for coming from KDE?! :l


there we go... much better...


now why is the new tab button at the top left side? who put it there!
who would think it would be there? plus you know what, that doesn't look like a tab. that looks like a tombstone...

yeah like "GNOME is dead" :p *giggles*


there we go! now we can go back to work!

ok wait you got to be kidding me on this.
look. this is just plain stupid.

yeah. I pressed "Search" while ON the Keyboard Shortcuts page, and this happens?!
it searches on the shortcuts page rather than on the settings?!

wow -_- now that's what you call crap.
like who in the world would think i was gonna search on the keyboard shortcuts?!

oh and of course, the keyboard rate thingy is NOT in the settings, again. let's see tweaks.

where is it?'s not there either? then where could it be?!

universal access

oh, of course. the f**king accessibility settings.
are you kidding me again?! even macOS has it on the main page! I mean...

yeah you thought "the user doesn't need to type faster. let's scramble that around."
like if I were to not care.

OH AND WHY NOT NUMBERS! I want to know EXACTLY how fast am I going!!!!

*opens Firefox*

is ready

"Firefox is ready"? really?!
Firefox is ready?! FIREFOX IS READYYYY?!??!!

do you think I am blind or something? I know it is ready, like I can see it with my eyes! are you assuming we are all disabled?!

whatever, *sighs* dconf-editor. the worst idea but the only way to


oh you THANK me for using it? like what? did i rescue you or something?
or did you thank me for being smart and finding you?

yeah, as if this was a game

oh my, this is funny now... it's getting beyond dumb...


there we go........... finally...
couldn't this be part of the main UI? like I want to know exactly how fast am I going...


...yeah, now the fonts...

font hang

ugh. nice. you can't even search a font.
the thing takes like 30 years to find one freaking font. yeah.
the KDE font selector didn't take that long so what the heck!!!

anyway, this should look better:

desktop, again.

I have to tell you that it does feel odd to have the terminal tabs on top......
...can't I put them at the bottom? and make they say something that makes more sense?


yep, you can. of course. they put it IN THE DCONF AGAIN.
isn't it a tool for advanced users anyway? what about you give me a bit more control?!

KDE accident

oops sorry opening the KDE system settings in GNOME *giggles*

they say you can customize the desktop further by using extensions... yeah....
the default experience is so crappy that you have to use extensions for it.

at least it exi-

application is not available

of course. you knew i was gonna try.

wow, what a disgrace you are!


I do have to tell you... I still have to use KDevelop...


yeah, looks terrible as you can see.
let's just cheat it for now with the Qt style flag (QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=oxygen)...

KDevelop Oxygen

...much better.

btw I am actually surprised the Activities panel works well... it feels a bit faster than before but still... why the grid?...

but I do like it's compatible with the KDE one, for the most part...

you know what would be nice? if the GNOME Terminal had the ability to switch tabs by just using the mouse wheel... Konsole-style...


the file manager. hmm..
ok, yep, they clearly are trying to imitate macOS here. the folders are not first unlike KDE or Windows.

Nautilus fix

at least they let you change that...

oh wait a bug D:

osu! brought to you by GNOME

I can't play osu!! with that freaking bar on top of me...
sometimes it works and sometimes not...


did I talk about crashing?
apparently, launching Eclipse crashes GNOME Contacts!!! :l
are you kidding me?! I thought you tested everything and you had like support from "big distributors"... according to 144Hz...

the save dialog.

horrible save dialog

ok. why in the freaking world are the buttons at the top? what is this?
is this any useful? do I read from top to bottom?!

THIS is what I mean by usability failure. I mean, who puts the controls in the save dialog at the TOP?! wow...

anyway, that's it for this day, I guess.
overall, I'm not too disappointed... I was actually expecting the usability to be horrible, and to no surprise it seems to be the case, even though they have sliiiightly improved...

people say that GNOME is designed for tablets... which seems to be true...
some other say it looks like a copy of the macOS UI...
...yep, I sort of agree too... but they made it way worse.

like why are the header bars so freaking huge? and more so for non-CSD windows?
macOS respects that!

the next post will not be as huge as this one... as I basically let most of it out here...

see you tomorrow for the next part!